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Range of Services

From mailing services to printing and database management, Breeze offers a seamless operation with a single, reliable point of contact. And, of-course, expert consultancy and trouble-shooting expertise are an integral part of the service.


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Mailing services

 •          Enveloping: up to 9 inserts, to C4

 •          Polywrapping: up to 9 inserts, to A3

 •          Product assembly and manual fulfillment



 •          Laser printing: high-speed duplex, to A3, letters, statements, invoices

 •          Inkjet addressing: envelopes, polywrap, catalogues, postcards

 •          Printing: envelopes, polywrap, letterheads, flyers, loyalty cards encoding


Database management

 •          Address cleaning (PAF), postcoding, suppressing gone-aways, deceaseds, MPS

 •          Adding telephone numbers, salutations, case conversion

 •          Deduplication, merge/purge

 •          Database construction and maintenance

 •          Data capture: coupons, listings, surveys, forms punched and verified


journals | brochures | invoices | statements | reminders