Quality Control & Security

ISO9001 accreditation, Royal Mail's Mailing House Scheme approval, DMA membership and Data Protection Act registration may give us impressive certificates to hang on the wall, but a state-of-the-art Fujitsu Siemens network, leading-edge security, proven quality control systems, 24-hour on-site maintenance and guaranteed confidentiality give you total peace of mind.
Our no-excuses approach is embraced by every single member of the team: from the account manager who will report to you with regular updates – hourly if required – through to the Mailsort baggers who conduct additional final checks, before despatching the mail. If any single one is damaged, we’ll reprint and repack it. Every single record will be posted. In perfect condition.
The superb reliability of our high-security, Swiss enveloping lines has earned us the trust of utilities, banks, councils and government. Failsafe systems and procedures are constantly upgraded, tested, improved - then tested again to ensure we don’t let you down. Ever. The result? A smoothly executed mailing. Every time.
 •   full quality control procedures, checks, continuous performance monitoring
 •  guaranteed confidentiality, restricted access, high security, off-site backups, constant anti-virus monitoring throughout the network
 •  networked Fujitsu Siemens server with mirrored hard disks